How to make food fun for kids

How can we make food fun for our children? As parents we will always want the very best for our children but how can we make eating healthy food fun? Although it may sound like at times an almost impossible task with our fussy eaters and the stroppy toddlers this article will show you the way.


Let’s start with the first meal of the day, breakfast! How can we steer our children away from the brightly coloured sprinkle doughnut and to something a bit healthier? By making healthy breakfast food fun! We can do this with our simple breakfast staple, the piece of toast. 

Take the toast, get some cherry tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, boiled eggs, carrot sticks and olives and we have the start of our food adventure! With minimal preparation we can use the toast as our “face”, the lettuce as “hair, the eggs as “eyes” and the sliced olives and the cherry tomatoes as a “nose”. 

You can use the direction above to make your happy piece of toast and let the kids make their own with their own take on what they want their piece of toast to look like. And the best bit, they eat their healthy creation at the end! 

Lunchtime snack 

With our artistic breakfast to start the day we can introduce our spelling snack for lunch! With some cake icing pens of various colours and healthy wheat crackers we can get our children to eat all the fibre they need while playing a fun spelling game at the same time! 

This article would suggest letting the children pick their colour icing pen and then by taking several crackers each, the task is to spell a word you tell them. For example, with three separate crackers and their icing pen, the task is to spell the word “cat”. Did they get it right? If they get it wrong, no problem, they will need to add more icing to correct their mistake making a positive from a negative and before moving on they have to eat the crackers! You could always have them draw little pictures on the crackers to add to the mix of activities! 

What’s nice about this is that the sugar icing from the pens is minimal and the trade-off is getting more fibre into your child’s diet!


Dinner time should be taken as an excellent opportunity to make your children a big part of the meal preparation and helping to set the evening up as fun by making them a part of the process. 

A great idea for children to feel invested is to give them a part to play and a great thing for this is making “fruit kebabs” as starters. The children can be responsible for making the family starter meal and fruit kebabs are a safe activity where small pieces of fruit such as strawberries, pieces of mangos, grapes and pineapple can be added on a blunt stick to make “kebabs”. 

This is a great activity because again the preparation time for you is minimal, but the choice is endless for the different ways a child may decide to put together their own fruit kebab and at the end of it their creations start the family meal for the evening!

That’s the end of this article on making food fun for children! I hope you have enjoyed reading it and hope it has given you some ideas for the different meals during the day you can make fun and healthy!