No Bake Treats and Desserts

It’s great when you have the time to make home-made desserts and treats, but with busy lives and a whole host of commitments every day, it is not always easy to make all the things that you would like to. I like to offer my family something home-made when I can, so I have developed a list of treats and desserts that do not require a long and arduous preparation process. Here I share with you two of my favourite no bake treats so that, even with every little time on your hands, you can make something special to share with your family.

Chocolate squares

This is one of the simplest cooking concepts that I use in the kitchen. It is also really versatile, so you can adapt it to suit your preferences and tastes. My kids love these, and they love also helping to make them (I think that has a lot to do with the amount of chocolate involved in their recipes!). In a large pan, melt together your favourite chocolate, some golden syrup and some butter until you have a pourable mixture.

Line a square tin with biscuits of your choice, I like to use shortbread biscuits. It’s up to you which biscuits you use. Don’t worry about being too exact or neat – you can even use broken biscuits from the bottom of the biscuit barrel for this one. Pour half of the chocolate mixture over the biscuits and shake the tin so that it is even distributed and covers the biscuit layer. Add another layer of biscuits. Once you have arranged a second layer, pour all of the remaining chocolate mixtureinto the tin. You can now top with sweets before popping into the fridge to set. Once the chocolate is hard, slice into squares and enjoy!

Cheesecake Bites

These are very moreish and delicious, and you will have to stop yourself from going back to the fridge for ‘one last taste’. 

Start by mixing together melted butter and crushed biscuits. We like to use ginger biscuits as they add a nice crunch and flavour, but the choice is yours. 

Once they are mixed together, place a teaspoon of the mixture into a set of cake cases. Push down to make disks. 

Mix together some cream cheese and cream and a little sugar. Whisk until thick

Put a generous helping of the mixture into each cake case before placing into the fridge to set. 

These recipes are simple and easy to make, but they will go down a treat and leave everyone asking for more!