5 Tips to Get More Fruit and Veg Into Your Kids

Some parents are lucky and their kids will eat anything that is put in front of them from the moment they are weaned, while others will struggle to get their children to eat a variety of fruits and veg.

If you belong to the latter group of parents, chances are you are at your wit’s end every mealtime when your children refuse the wonderful array of flavours and textures before them in the form of healthy fruit and veg, but don’t despair because there are still a few tricks you can try to get them eating more of the good stuff.

1. Hide it

One of the simplest ways to ensure your kids eat more fruit and veg is to simply hide it. For example, you could make a simple marinara sauce to serve with pasta, but add extra veg in the form of carrots and courgettes. Once blended, they will be indetectable, and therefore, your child won’t throw a tantrum when you try to feed him it. This can work well for any sauce or stew-based dish that can be blended.

2. Make nice cream

If your child does not get enough fruit, then a good way to get some more vitamins into their diet is to turn fruit into a tasty dessert. A good example of this would be so-called nice cream. 

In order to make nice cream, you simply peel, chop and freeze a few bananas. Once frozen, you blend them with cocoa powder or vanilla, berries or even these fruit pots in juice, to make what looks and tastes like ice cream or sorbet, but which contains nothing more than healthy fruit, and maybe a little cocoa powder if your kids love chocolate ice cream the most.

3. Become a bento box king or queen

Bento boxes are great for encouraging young kids to try new foods because they look fun. If you turn your basic rice and carrots into a cute bunny rabbit or your broccoli into a forest where complete with roaming bear made from beef, then the kids will be more engaged in the food and its story, and more likely to give it a try.

4. Dip it

Kids are more likely to eat their carrots or try aubergine or the first time if they can dip it into something tasty like hummus or ketchup, so always provide a delicious dip!

5. Have them be your sous chef

Last but not least, if all else fails, get your kids to help you in the kitchen, even if it is just by passing you the flour or watching you boil the pasta, and if they feel like they have had a hand in making the dinner, their sense of pride will encourage them to give it a try even if it does contain the dreaded spinach or broccoli they would usually refuse!

As you can see, it’s not too hard to get your kids eating more fruit and veg, you just have to be a bit more cunning about it!