Upgrade Your Weeknight Meals With These Simple Tips

Ever wanted to give your weeknight meals a little upgrade? If so, then we’ve got some tips for you! We all know how boring some of our meals can be, especially if you’re preparing the same old things for the sake of speed and convenience. However, giving yourself a little treat now and then is perfectly fine and totally encouraged. So the next time you’re cooking up a weeknight dinner or even preparing tomorrow’s lunch, here are a few tips on how you can give them a solid upgrade.

Go shopping on your way home

Regardless of when you finish work, why not stop by your local store or supermarket when you’re commuting back?

This is great for a few reasons. For starters, you get to pick some ingredients for your weeknight meal instead of hoping that you have something that you want to eat. It also means you can take advantage of any deals or reduced items to help you save on grocery shopping. You get a nice bit of exercise by taking a walking detour, and it’ll encourage you to switch to fresh ingredients when possible.

Many of us use frozen ingredients or dig into the pantry when we want to eat something because it’s convenient to buy that stuff in bulk. However, food is often a lot tastier when we cook it ourselves fresh. You might get some leftovers, but they should be perfectly fine to put into your lunch the next morning.

Get decadent and add something pricey

Adding a small amount of an expensive ingredient such as caviar can be a fun and interesting way to try something new. Expensive ingredients often come in small amounts, so it’s best to only try a bit of it at a time unless you can splash out for a luxurious weeknight meal. You only need a little bit to change your dishes, and it can be a great way to experience these popular and luxurious ingredients that you don’t see every day.

This could also be seen as a little treat after a hard day at work!

Add a little twist to everything you cook

One of the best ways to learn more about cooking and also try new things is to consider changing a few ingredients here and there. There are a couple of ways to do this. For starters, look at what your favorite dish is and try to change at least one ingredient. If you have a favorite spaghetti dish, then why not consider changing the spaghetti for something more expensive? Or perhaps you could add something new to the sauce, such as some chillies or even upgrade the sauce to something more premium if you’re using store-ought stuff.

The goal here is to try out different things while trying to keep to the same dishes that you know and love. Changing a couple of ingredients here and there won’t mess with the overall taste, but it will let you try new flavor combinations!