The Best Smoothie Ingredients For Your Kid’s Diet

Every parent knows the struggle of trying to get their children all the recommended nutrients – especially when many kids can be so picky.

Using these ingredients in your kid’s smoothies can ensure that their diet is healthy, while providing the tastiest flavours!

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Let’s dive in.

1. Cherry

This fruit not only has a tangy, sweet flavour that most kids love in sweets, but it also has endless health properties according to Real Simple.

By adding this ingredient to your kid’s smoothies, you can give them a boost of Vitamin C, as well as a compound that fights inflammation.

Cherry is perfect for when your child needs a boost of energy before a sporty activity or has been recovering from a cold.

2. Ginger

Natural Products Insider promotes ginger as one of the best ingredients in any meal or drinks, not just smoothies.

This ingredient can add a particular spice and tang to a smoothie for older kids and is excellent for their digestive system.

Combined with other anti-inflammatory properties, as well as being able to ease the growing pains that so many kids suffer from, adding ginger to a smoothie recipe has many health benefits. 

3. Carrot

Vegetable smoothies are ideal for those kids with less of a sweet tooth – and carrot is one vegetable that can be easily sneaked into a fruit smoothie, too!

Real Simple’s Nutrition Expert, Kristi King, states that carrot is a wonderful source of Vitamin A and fibre.

This super ingredient is essential for the health of your child’s hair and eyes, as well as being a helper for the digestive system. 

Super Smoothies

By pairing these healthy ingredients with yoghurt, milk, and other yummy smoothie fillers, you’re sure to create a tasty smoothie that your kid’s immune system will thank you for!

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