Getting Vegetables Into Your Child’s Diet (When You Think You’ve Tried Everything)

So many parents think that if they get their kids involved in cooking it can demystify the entire process and will hopefully get them eating their vegetables. The biggest problem with this is that so many kids are not able to get involved in cooking or even preparing and therefore because as parents we have so much to do and not enough time to do it we invariably start preparing meals when our kids are either doing their homework or somewhere else. This makes it very tough to get vegetables into our kids’ diets when we’re feeling so frazzled. So here’s some of the best tips and tricks to get covert, but also ways to make life easier for yourself.

Identify the Textures They Hate

It might not be anything to do with the taste of the vegetables but it could be just about having the right textures. If your kids like crunchy foods you can instantly start to get ideas for crunchier vegetables. For example, this chicken chop suey recipe has an abundance of crunchy vegetables but it’s also disguised in a nice flavourful sauce. Flavour is the other side of the battle when it comes to getting your kids to eat foods they hate. Flavouring them right, but also identifying the textures they hate, will make life easier for yourself.

Look at Other Ways to Increase Their Vitamin Intake

We are at a crossroads when it comes to the world of health, especially in food. As parents, we think that our kids need to eat their vegetables, but lots of the time, we are not necessarily thinking about what vitamins or minerals they would benefit from. It’s important to get a wide variety of vegetables because each colour means there is a greater density of a specific vitamin, and this is why we need to start thinking about increasing their vitamin intake with other less obvious foods. Meat is a good example because it provides a lot of essential nutrients your body needs, such as iodine, zinc, essential fatty acids, and vitamins like B12. So even if your kids eat the meat and not the vegetables, don’t feel like you are losing the battle. There are a number of powerful nutrients that you can only find in meat and animal products. For example, eggs are nature’s multivitamin, so even if your kids are not keen on vegetables, an omelette that may have a few sneaky vegetables inside could be all you need to give your kids their recommended daily intake.

The Blender is Your Friend

We can talk about the battles at the dinner table, but if you are really struggling to get your kids to eat any form of vegetable, it’s time to invest in a high-powered blender and start giving them smoothies. Be careful when it comes to smoothies because, while there’s a lot of fruit in there, you are getting rid of the fibre, which means that there can be a lot of sugar. On the other hand, blending vegetables doesn’t cause damage to them. Therefore, starting to find ways to get more smoothies into your kids’ diet, for example using spinach and kale, as well as a bit of milk or juice to mask the colour and taste, you can win the battle.